We can use help in a bunch of areas and any help is appreciated. Our GitHub issues serve as a place for any discussion, whether it's bug reports, questions, project direction etc. As the project grows this policy may change.

Our Discord server is open for help and more adhoc discussion. All activity on the Discord is still moderated and will be strictly enforced under the project's Code of Conduct.

Getting Started

Getting started with developing Rome is as easy as three commands. You will need Node v12 or above.

git clone
cd rome
scripts/dev-rome --help

Note: If you previously ran the user-facing installation instructions, the dist directory must be deleted before running any development commands.

No dependency installation step is required as we check in our node_modules folder that contains only a copy of TypeScript and some definitions.

Refer to Getting Started for more usage documentation.


You can run the test suite with the following command:

scripts/dev-rome test

This will run all tests inside of any __rtests__ directories.

Type Checking

Run TypeScript with code emitting disabled to perform a full typecheck outside the editor.

node_modules/.bin/tsc --noEmit